Make Yourself Famous with the Ultimate Credibility Marketing Tool!

Here's a Question for you:

Can You Talk On The Phone And Answer Questions About Your Business From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Or Office?

If Your Answer Is “YES!” Then You’re 97% On Your Way To Having The Ultimate Credibility Marketing Tool…

A Custom Produced Interview Program That Positions You As A Celebrity And Leading Expert In Your Field.

Here Is What YOUR OWN Custom Interview Program Can Do For You!

540% ROI In Just Under Two Weeks!

If we factor the cost of the project and what it cost us to mail the CD’s to our current list of clients, our CD Interview with John Melley was directly responsible for a 5.41 Times ROI in just under two weeks. Yes, you read that correctly over 540% ROI. Not Bad Mr. Melley. I can’t wait for our next project. Thanks for being such a dream to work with!

Rob Berkley, Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Executive Coach and Co-founder

12 Powerful Ways to Use Your Interview To Create Celebrity and Boost PROFIT$:

  1. Powerful Component of Your Direct Mail or Shock & Awe Package
  2. Solidify Your Trusted Advisor Role by Giving Them to Clients
  3. As the best direct mail grabber ever
  4. Use it on your web site as proof of your expert status
  5. Have it Transcribed to Create Articles, Blog Posts & More
  6. Play It In Reception Area to Get Clients "Ready To Act"
  7. As Great On Hold Messages (way better than Music!)
  8. Give to Inactive Clients & Get Them Buying Again
  9. Send It to The Media As Attention-Grabbing Press Release
  10. Use It As a Podcast to Draw in New Prospects
  11. Send by Email to Convert Web Generated Leads
  12. Give As a Freebie to Your Seminar/Presentation Attendees
I can’t think of a business that couldn’t use an AudioMercial™. The number of ways it can be used is endless.

John Melley is the "Real Deal". He's our Go To Voice Talent for our Video Sales Letters and other projects.

Bill Glazer
Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle

Listen to audio samples below

Samples of our CD Cover and Label Artwork

Here Is Our Proven Production Process

I’ll be your coach & interview you using professional, state of the art, digital recording and editing equipment. I’ve interviewed hundreds of people. I handle all the details. You can relax and answer questions about your business from the comfort of your own home or office and get absolutely the best quality results without any technical worries whatsoever.

You Might Be Afraid People Will Think Your Topic Is Boring

It’s my job as the Host and Producer of the program to make the interview run smoothly and to make you sound incredible.

You choose who listens to it. Let the Interview Program do the talking for you.

It has the added bonus of leveraging your time by recording your message once and then it can be told time and time again.

One of THE best ways I know to grow your business is through positioning yourself as an expert. The quickest, easiest and most productive way I've found to do that is to work with John Melley, and create your own audio-infomercial™. He's not only an industry professional, he has tons of integrity. He KNOWS audio, makes you sound awesome, asks you the most thought provoking questions and turns your easy as pie interview into a sales tool to get you all the new business you could ever want!

Shannon McCaffery
Maybe You’re Afraid To Do The Interview Because You Don’t Like The Sound Of Your Own Voice

Let Me Tell You Why This Isn’t A Problem...

All the mistakes are edited out, so no one will ever hear them. Your presentation will be perfect. You’ll be thrilled with how great you’ll sound. You’ll be 100% satisfied, guaranteed, or your money back…. More on my iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee in a moment.

I started my career in radio. So, I know that it is a real art form to make the person interviewed sound great. John Melley is a master at creating interviews that transform you on radio into the expert you are. And, he does it easily and effortlessly. I can’t recommend him more highly!

Debbie Phillips
Founder, Women on Fire
Maybe You Think You Can’t Afford It

Could There Be A Better Time To Invest In Yourself And Your Own Business?

Given that investing anywhere else outside your direct control is as hazardous as cliff diving on a windy day… given that your size of market share grows as your weakest, least innovative competitors shrink or disappear…

NOW is the time to act and do something different!

Other questions you should ask yourself: “How much is a client worth to me?” and, “What’s the lifetime value of one of my clients?”

“I Can’t Use It For My Business (My Business Is Different.)”

There is “No Power” for you in this type of thinking.

Everyone has a story to tell. The benefit of having the Interview Program is you are positioned as THE expert/authority in your field.

Your interview program does this in an impressive package and in a non threatening, low pressure way. It also does it in a controlled environment, where everything you say will be said perfectly, with no stumbles or inaccuracies.

Your interview program is a marketing tool that can be leveraged and used in multiple ways and formats such as CD, MP3, web site, Messages On Hold for your phone system and more.

Working with you has catapulted our company to a level that would have taken years to achieve otherwise. Your bedside manner quickly set us at ease which in turn produced exactly what we set out to achieve. I couldn’t be more proud to show off this product to our subscribers! Thank you so much.

Jon A Cunningham, PMP
Executive Director
Drafting Nation, LLC
Woodstock, Georgia, USA
“I’ll Do It Later When I’m Ready.”

You’re ready now. Nobody knows your business better than you do. All you have to do is talk about your product or service on the phone from the comfort of your home or office!

The brief pre-interview planning meeting and sessions will have you fully prepared for the interview on the recording date.

In this economy, who can wait for later?

You need business now!

“It will take too much time to prepare for it, I don’t have time to do it or I wouldn’t know what to say”

The brief pre-interview planning meeting will take about half an hour. The interview will take another hour. Total time commitment on your part is 1 and a half hours.

We use the planning meeting to organize, develop an action plan and prepare you for a seamless interview.

Everything else, the editing, mastering, artwork, printing and duplication is done for you, on time and on budget.

This Is A No Brainer!

When I first heard of John Melley's AudioMercial™ product I knew I had to have it. John and I discussed the project and I knew that John was professional and knowledgeable. He "gets it.

John over-delivered on what he had promised. The audio product itself was superb. The artwork he designed for the CD and case was terrific.

Look, this is a no-brainer. Any business...any professional...Go right now and place your order so the next time someone says "What do you do?" you can hand them a professional looking and sounding Audio-Infomercial.

Ben Glass
Fairfax, VA

Your Investment

If I were to break out each piece of the production for the AudioMercial™ separately, the value is worth $3650.

Your Program Package Includes:
Pre-Interview Planning Meeting
Pre-Interview Planning Guide
Interview Recording Session Studio Time
Editing, Post Production / Mastering
Show Introduction / Closing
Conversion Of Interview To MP3 Files
Custom CD Artwork for Case and CD
Intro, Seque and Outro Music Licenses
Call-In Testimonials
Commercial Produced For Business
100 FREE Standard CD Copies*
Total Value =

Because I am able to bundle these services, streamline the production process and negotiate terms with my graphics team, CD Duplicator and voice talent, I'm able to offer the AudioMercial® to you at a substantial reduction.

You Have 2 Options

Option A - I understand a 50% Deposit must be made to schedule my interview. Please charge my card for just $1598.50 now to start production. I'll pay the balance of $1598.50 before I receive the edited interview and artwork and my satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

My Investment is Only = $3197

--> Deposit ($1598.50) <--

Or SAVE An Additional $200!

Option B - John, I "Get It!" Please charge my card for a one (1) time payment of just $2997 now and I'll save an Additional $200! My satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

My Investment is only = $2997!

--> BUY NOW ($2997) <--

Need More Information? Click here for our FAQ Page

Terms & Conditions

People who see the power of the Interview Program recognize the value of this powerful marketing tool and have no problem making the investment. They know it will pay for itself many times over.

As my client Ben Glass Said. “This is a no-brainer.”

John --

I'd just like to tell you what a pleasure it's been working with you on my CD Interview. It was pleasurable for several reasons. First, you're personally a delightful guy and fun to work with. Second, you have the ability to draw interesting information out of people who are talking about the most mundane possible topics -- like mine.

Third, I was amazed at your ability to make an over-the-phone interview sound like an in-studio experience. Fourth, you have WONDERFUL contacts on the creative side, and that made the entire production process as smooth as can be.

And last, I was amazed at how reasonable the cost was -- it was below my anticipation. As they say, "on time, under budget." Love it!!

Jim Edholm
President, BBI Benefits
Andover, MA

This Offer Has A Triple Guarantee And It Comes With My Usual 12-Month, UNCONDITIONAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

  1. I guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with your experience working with me.
  2. I guarantee the quality of your interview program and artwork. And,
  3. I guarantee the deadline I give you will be met.

If I fail to meet any ONE of these conditions, I will refund 100% of your costs to produce the program. You risk absolutely nothing.

This is a unique program that can help grow your business, and position you for success during this tough economy.

I urge you to take advantage of this offer right away as I anticipate my production schedule to fill up quickly.

Thank you for your interest and your time. I look forward to working with you.


John Melley Voice Overs & Production

FAQ Page

Terms & Conditions

*STANDARD CDs are the duplicated CD inserted into paper CD Sleeves. Other packaging options are available at additional cost.