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    Melley Voices Characters for Sticky Burr Video

    Jan/10/2011 | Posted by John Melley
    I voiced 3 Animated Characters for this video. Can you guess which ones? (Hint: I first show up at 2:05 into the video)



    Recording Session Nightmares

    Dec/13/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    Last week I sent out an email to my newsletter subscribers and asked them to share some of their weirdest experiences, while recording or performing.

    The winner of the voted best story will win a $50 Starbucks gift card, or something of equal value if you're not a coffee drinker.

    I'm happy to say the stories I've received so far are great, so if you have a great recording session story, send me an email to: and share it with us. I'll post them and the story that receives the most votes will win the $50 Starbucks gift card, or something of equal value if you're not a coffee drinker.

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    Hi John, good to hear from you

    I specialize in audiobook narration, and a big part of my enjoyment in doing this comes from volunteering at RFB&D.  I get to read/record all sorts of books for them, from technical instruction manuals, to medical textbooks, to fiction.  Recently I had a children's book by author Jon Seizka (sp?) called "Spaceheadz".  I was having great fun with it until I got to a chapter 4 pages long of the hamster speaking.  4 WHOLE PAGES of "eeek weeeeek eeeeek eeeeeee, weee eeek"! This one got me both laughing and out of breath.  I can now add a 3rd language to my capabilities..... hamster!

    Kind regards,


    Hey John,

    My nightmare has reoccurred a few times, recording my interviews over the phone and nothing on playback.

    Flipped the wrong switch.

    We’ve been caught saying some things with the mics open at the Meadowlands.

    Once I called an entire race with the mic off, or they didn’t record the race, so I had to improvise over the replay.

    Watched the replay show with bad edits inadvertently left in.

    I’ve done spots with the wrong dates or inserted words that weren’t in the script (Freudian slip)

    Ken Warkentin

    Dear John,

    The funniest and most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me was at a recording session in Berlin, Germany.  I was assigned to the American Forces Network and scheduled to do an interview with the incomparable Count Basie.   First of all, I was so doggone nervous meeting such a giant of a talent, and would you believe - the Count was in his
    underwear in his hotel room eating peanuts from a planters bag?

    He greeted me and asked me to take a seat.  In hooking up my Nagra Reel-to-Reel and plugging it into the wall socket as a safety precaution in case the battery failed I began my interview.  Half way through it, I happened to look down and notice that the mic cord was dangling.  The darn thing wasn't even connected to the recorder.  You talk about a red face. Whew!  By then Mr. Basie noticed it too and he began to laugh and laugh - then I began to laugh and laugh as tears rolled down my face.  Being the kind gentleman he was, he said don't worry sonny, we can start all over again whenever you're ready.

    Ed Tooma


    Hi John,

    About 25 years ago, I had a client who sounded like a sloth on downers, but insisted that he do his own tag line.  This was many years before digital manipulation would have allowed me to time compress him, so I used an old trick I learned years before.  Several wraps of tape around the capstan increased the speed of the tape slightly, speeding up the delivery but not so much that it distorted his voice.  Judicious splicing of the resulting tape made him sound a lot less like he was on Quaaludes.  What they say about multimedia these days was always true: it's all about the workarounds.

    Calvin B. Littlefield

    Dear John,

    Does singing the Ave Maria in church and swallowing a bug interest you?  I was singing a solo and straight out...... mouth open....bug in and gag, cough, gag! 

    It was difficult to explain to the congregation what had happened, so I continued and re-grouped. Maybe that's how you all got your show-biz genes.

    Elinor Melley A.K.A. “Mah!”

    So send YOUR  great recording session story to: and share it with us. I'll post them and the story that receives the most votes will win the $50 Starbucks gift card, or something of equal value if you're not a coffee drinker.

    Voice Over Integrity

    Jun/28/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    Voice over is a fun business, but keep in mind YOU are an important part of making your clients' dreams come true! Honor them by giving them your best every time.

    Some thoughts.

    Watch Sound Disappear Right Before Your Ears!

    Mar/29/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    How can one sound affect another sound? Watch this quick video and hear what happens! Post your comments and feedback below!

    Adding Reverb to Voice Over Track

    Mar/11/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    This is the video I promised that would go into more detail about adding the reverb effect to a voice over track. Enjoy. Please feel free to add your comments and feedback below!

    Production Video Update

    Mar/10/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    Here's a quick update on the status of the next voice over and production video lesson.

    Audio Tracks From Nancy Cartwright Animation Workshop

    Feb/15/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    Hi Folks-

    A lot of you have requested copies of the MP3's from the animation Voice Over Tracks I did with Nancy Cartwright. They're from the workshop I had with Pat Fraley last December. I wrote about it in the January issue of the printed newsletter.

    There were so many requests, I thought it would be best to post the audio here on my blog rather than clog up your inboxes with lengthy mp3's.

    Just click on the play button below to take a listen

    • The Land of Totally Different

    • The Whacknard School

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and for your continued interest!

    I'd love your feedback and comments, so feel free to post below!

    The Problem With Saying "Super Bowl"

    Jan/26/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    So around this time every year we're presented with the challenge of getting the advertiser's desire to capitalize on the Super Bowl hype in their marketing. It's smart because entering the "Conversation in the consumer's mind" is a tried and true marketing tactic.

    The problem is the NFL is very protective of their trademarked terms, "Super Bowl" being one of them. Others include "Super Sunday" the names of the teams and many others. Use of these terms in advertising is limited to those companies and organizations that have ponied up a substantial sum of cash to be an "Official Sponsor" of the event which grants them the exclusive rights to use the trademarked terms. That means if a non official sponsor uses the trademarked terms they can not only get into hot water with the NFL, but also from the other Official Sponsors for using things they paid for the exclusive rights to use.

    Getting the advertiser's marketing objectives accomplished can be tricky, although not impossible. In fact, using the fact that we can't say "Super Bowl" can lead to some creative ways to get the message across loud and clear... without having to worry about getting a cease and desist letter or worse.

    I had a client today that wants to get people into their club to watch the Big Game. I put together something that does this in a fun way. It doesn't necessarily break new ground, but it's a different twist on things, fun and hopefully effective.

    You can listen to it by clicking the play button below.

  • The Big Game
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