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    How To Boost Your STAR Power

    John Melley - Monday, February 04, 2013

    In this post I discuss how using the power of celebrity can boost your own credibility and positioning in your business. 

    Who's that handsome devil? No, I'm not talking about Stephen Tyler of Aerosmith and American Idol fame!

    The guy on the left with the New England Patriots hat?

    If you guessed "Yours Truly" you're correct.

    Yes, we get some pretty cool folks coming into the station.

    One of the things I try to purposely do when I meet or work with someone famous is get a picture with them. Why? Well, people just have this natural reaction of "Oh, cool! You got to meet so and so? What were they like?"

    And somehow the celebrity of that person is transferred to you. Call it a nice version of "Guilt by Association."

    Mom and Dad had a saying "You're known by the company you keep." Other versions of this are "Birds of a feather flock together."

    I recently had the opportunity to meet Adam West of the TV Series Bat Man and who now voices the Adam West character on Family Guy.

    Even cooler...? I got my picture taken with Mr. West standing next to the original TV Bat Mobile!

    This Bat Mobile was recently auctioned for $4.62 million and set the world record for the highest price ever fetched for a TV/Movie car. This now makes the CAR famous, so I guess you'd call my picture with Adam and the car a 2-fer.

    Post a comment below and ask me to send you a copy of the picture if you'd like to see it.

    The concept of association is fascinating, really. Here's an example. When the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup a few years ago, the Stanley Cup trophy was brought here to CBS Boston since we have a sister station that carries the Bruins games.

    People had the opportunity to have their picture taken standing next to "The Cup." The line was huge. I was intrigued. Here people are lining up to have their picture taken next to a trophy that they had absolutely no part in winning. I'm sure most hadn't even been to a game that season. But there they were.

    The same thing happens when the World Series trophy makes an appearance. People have their picture taken with it. Why?

    Association. Getting close to something "Bigger" and unusual. A neat experience.

    When you can harness your association with others and position yourself among those with influence and celebrity you can boost your own credibility and standing. Make efforts to do that and boost your Star Power.

    Someone who does this exceedingly well is Marc Graue. He regularly posts pictures of himself with celebrities who come to his recording studio. It's entertaining and it inspires comments and interaction with him. It's smart.

    Celebrities don't have to be movie or TV stars. They can be a well known authority within a specific business, or topic. As long as they are recognized within your area of interest, having pictures and association with them can be incredibly beneficial.

    Do you have pictures with "Celebrities"? What's your "brush with fame?" I'd love to hear your comments.



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